Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Tata Harper's Detox Cleansing wash is ginger.. The zingy, clear your nostrils and wake you up kind of ginger that you get in those fancy health shots at the supermarket! I find myself reaching for it whenever my skin feels particularly oily or when I'm feeling particularly inclined to crawl back under the duvet in the morning which is more often than I care to admit here :-). 

Tata Harper 2.jpg

The consistency of the product itself starts off a bit like a creamy oil and then as soon as I start working it into dry skin it becomes even more slick and oily while releasing that fresh, natural scent. After a few minutes I dampen a regular washcloth with warm water and remove. My skin feels really clean and a little tingly but not tight or irritated at all which is great. As I mentioned, I tend to use this in the morning and wouldn't recommend it for makeup removal, firstly because I think getting this near your eyes would produce an almighty sting rather than a zing and secondly because of the fairly hefty price tag which seems more fitting as a second cleanse (if thats your thing) or a lovely first cleanse when not wearing makeup.  Like all of Tata's offerings this cleanser boasts a host of bio active ingredients with no synthetic chemicals and is certified cruelty free. 

*For more info, full ingredients list or to purchase in the UK, you can click here.
*For more info, full ingredients list or to purchase in the USA, you can click here.

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