Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser - review

Hi beauties! Today's post is one I have been procrastinating about for a little while now. I had hyped up Ceramic Slip so much in my own skincare-obsessed mind that I think I was setting myself up to be a little disappointed. image

First things first. The cleanser sounds like an oily skinned girls dream on paper! The formula contains French green clay to draw out impurities, vitamin C to diminish discolouration and boost collagen production and essential oils to tone and balance. Even now I'm swooning a bit at the thought..

The first time I tried it I applied to dry skin (the scent is beautiful, like earth after its rained) and tried to work it in. I don't know what I was expecting but it stiffened and set pretty quickly so I couldn't work with it as much as I'm used to with my balms. That in itself was different but ok, I just reached for my warm wash cloth and started to try and buff it off to remove. The feeling on my skin afterward was quite tight and strange as if I hadn't removed all of the product properly so I promptly washed my face with a gel cleanser to be sure my face was clean.


After experimenting with it several different ways I have settled on removing my makeup, SPF etc with a balm cleanser first and then massaging Ceramic Slip into already damp skin and rinsing off in the shower. It can leave my skin feeling quite stripped of moisture and a little tight so I use it sparingly and only when my skin feels particularly greasy or congested. I also load up with moisturising products afterward so that my skin doesn't feel like it needs to compensate by making ALL THE OIL.


All in all I can see how this product has a place in my routine, the scent alone is reason enough, but I definitely wouldn't be able to use it everyday, even as a second cleanse. If I had anything other than oily skin I'm not sure I would be able to use it at all and that is a shame considering the high end price tag.

I really really wanted to love this. I will use every last drop but I can't imagine repurchasing unless my skin magically transforms into Photoshopped perfection before it runs out. If this miracle happens, I will be sure to update you all! 😀

*on several reviews I've read the product is described as 'gently foaming', maybe I'm doing something wrong but I don't see any foam. Gentle or otherwise.

To find out more or to purchase you can click (here).

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