Caudalie Organic Grape Water

Just a quick post on a product that sat at the back of my beauty stash for a while (mostly because I wasn't 100% sure what do do with it) that has graduated to something I really enjoy using! image

This little beauty has such a cooling and hydrating effect on the skin. I use it on days my face needs a little extra moisture after cleansing and toning but before applying my serum/moisturiser. I also find it lovely to use when the weather is hot (when I'm not wearing much makeup) as a refreshing spray to cool and soothe. The reason I personally wouldn't spritz it over makeup is that it leaves my skin quite wet and I can just imagine my bronzer streaming down my face in a little brown puddle!


The truth of the matter is that this is grape water in a spray can, albeit a very pretty spray can and I totally accept that it is a complete luxury in my skincare arsenal rather than a must have....having said that,  I have been reaching for it a lot in recent weeks and will seriously consider repurchasing when the time comes.

The Caudalie 100% organic Grape Water is available (here) at £6/75ml

✴this is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Have a great day! :-)