First Aid Beauty - Facial Radiance Pads

Let me start by saying I am a self confessed liquid exfoliant fan. I was a complete sceptic to begin with but I genuinely can't imagine scrubbing my face with traditional physical/scratchy exfoliators ever again! image

I recently finished a 30 day supply of the Dr Dennis Gross alpha beta pads and fell head over heels at the results they gave me but before coughing up a rather large amount of money on a replacement, I really wanted to try the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads as they are significantly more affordable and come with glowing reviews.



Well, I wasn't disappointed ladies and gents. I have been sweeping these over my face, neck and décolleté (I love that word!) every morning , straight after cleansing and really like them so far. I have noticed that one side of the pad is slightly more textured than the other so start with that and then do a final wipe with the smoother side before applying my serum. I keep seeing recommendations from skincare experts saying you should use any excess on the back of your hands.. Do any of you do this? Have you noticed a difference?

The product itself feels very gentle with no noticeable "sting".  My skin isn't particularly sensitive so this wasn't a great surprise but welcomed nonetheless.

I definitely feel there is a certain glow when I use these pads, my skin feels supple and smooth, very similar to the results achieved with the previously mentioned Dr Gross one's but perhaps less effective on the texture and fine lines which is to be expected I guess.

Overall I have been really happy to include these in my routine. I can see them becoming my daily exfoliant and then splurging on the more pricey options now and again as a treat. The packaging is convenient and I would recommend them to anyone wanting an affordable, effective introduction into acid toning. 

*contains lactic and glycolic acid

*This is not a sponsored post. All products featured were purchased by me unless stated otherwise