Inside out Beauty - Raw Smoothie

Ok, so sometimes in my quest for lovely glowing skin, I forget that what we put inside our bodies can make more of a difference than expensive lotions and potions that get slapped on top!

Other than upping my water intake (I drink more when drinking from a straw, who knew?!) and including more oily fish into my diet, I have been LOVING this simple RAW JUICE SMOOTHIE.

I like to experiment with the ingredients and try to use what I have in the fridge rather than sticking to any particular recipe. For the one pictured above I blended a large carrot, 1 small apple (skin & all), a healthy chunk of cucumber,some cherry tomatoes, a handful of spinach, a splash of mixed citrus juice and some water. Once this has been whizzed up in a blender/smoothie maker you can strain or leave it slightly 'chunky' like I do to get the benefit of all that added fibre.

I know it doesn't look particulary appetising but it really is delicious! 

 *For a tasty breakfast on the run you can blend frozen mixed berries, some spinach, a couple tablespoons of low fat Greek yoghurt and honey to taste. My husband and I have taken this to work several times recently to keep the 11 o clock munchies at bay.