Get that Glow! - CLARINS Liquid Bronze


I have been loving Clarins Liquid Bronze self tanning liquid for face & decollete ( what a mouthful!) this summer. 

Used sparingly every other day, I have noticed a really subtle sun-kissed glow with no muddiness or streaking. 

Application: after cleansing and applying facial serum I dispense a small amount onto my fingertips and massage into my face, neck & chest. A little goes a long way as the formula has quite a runny consistency, hence the 'liquid' in the name I guess ;-). 

I then apply moisturiser and continue with my usual makeup routine.

* the instructions recommend applying onto a cotton pad & then sweeping over the face. This method stops your hands getting stained but personally I feel the cotton pad soaks up too much of the product making it wasteful and also wipes off some of the serum I have just applied! I have had no problems using my hands, making sure to wash them immediately after.

Scent: very mild but does develop a slight 'fake tan' smell after a few hours. I don't find it strong enough to bother me at all during the day though.

All in all I highly recommend this product if you want to add a touch of sunshine to your complexion. It's reasonably priced for something from a higher end brand and I find it really easy to slot into my routine.