My week in nails ...

I have two nail looks to share from the past 7 days. I am super lazy when it comes to my nails so changing it up twice in one week is well worth documenting! ;)

OPI Barefoot in Barcelona & Sephora express nail varnish remover

When I do wear nail varnish, it tends to be of the neutral colour variety. I'm loving OPI 'Barefoot in Barcelona' and Revlon's 'Pink Nude' with a clear Revlon top coat to minimise chipping. I must also mention the little pot of magic that is Sephora's express nail polish remover, it really makes removing polish that much less of a chore. You just dip your finger in the pot, swirl it around the moistened sponge inside and voilà, even the most glittery formula has dissolved!

Jergens hand cream, OPI barefoot in barcelona, Revlon top coat

OPI Barefoot in Barcelona

I have aslo been making an effort to use hand cream more often this week. I wash my hands a lot at work and they are feeling dry, wintery and neglected :(. My favourites have been the balance Me super-moisturising hand cream (smells yummy & slightly herby) and also the Jergens ultra healing hand cream which is really rich and nourishing without leaving an annoying greasy residue.

Balance me handcream, Revlon nude pink nail varnish

Balance me handcream, Revlon Pink Nude nail polish

Revlon Pink Nude swatch